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Crystal singing bowls therapy

Sound bath with crystal bowls is an enjoyable, deeply relaxing, and calming meditation that stimulates the flow of energy that regenerates and heals us.

What is Sound Healing?

For many thousands of years, people recognized the value and power of sound baths. Modern experiences support ancient beliefs about sound bath healing properties. Many people nowadays practice sound baths as a way to relax and  improve their health and well-being. 

The enchanting sound and powerful vibrations of crystal bowls have many benefits:


Immune system stimulation


Stress and anxiety reduction


Relieving physical pain


Mental and emotional clarity, improving the quality of sleep

Singing bowls therapy is an antidote to the fast-paced rhythm of daily life helping us stay in touch with ourselves and feel better.

If you find it hard to meditate, a singing bowls bath is a great alternative – singing bowls will relax you and provide an effect similar to meditation

Individual sound therapy

In a safe environment, you will be able to fully rest, relax and restore your balance, while the sound of the singing bowls, played according to your needs, gently removes energy blockages, stress, and tension.

Ready to try?

I provide individual and group singing bowls therapies. Individual bath therapy is available in Zagreb and Rovinj. Sound bath therapy lasts 45 minutes.

Follow my social media for information about group sound baths in other cities. 

Group sound baths

In small groups, people are invited to retreat from daily stresses and enjoy moments of deep regenerating rest.

Crystal singing bowls

Crystal singing bowls are made of pure quartz – a substance that comes in nature in the form of various beautiful crystals such as amethyst, rock crystal, rose quartz, and jasper.


The sound of crystal bowls calms brain waves – when we are present in the moment and focused on their sound, we enter an altered state of awareness, and our brain will release hormones of pleasure and relaxation – endorphin and serotonin, and the hormone melatonin that allows us to fall asleep.

In addition to wonderful sounds, they create enjoyable vibrations, which massage our cells like ocean waves that gently stimulate our bodies, removing blockages and softening our tissues.


Each quartz singing bowl is aligned with the musical scale and has its own tone – C, D, E, F, G, A, or B. Larger bowls produce deeper sounds that ground us, and smaller, higher-pitched bowls stimulate the chakras that connect us to the spiritual world.


This frequency affects all of our bodies – emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental. Immersed in a wonderful sound, we indulge and relax, allowing our body to start regenerative processes that shut down when we are in a state of acute stress. 🌿