May, 2023

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7 days


Recreate yourself, recreate the world

Rebirth Journey Retreat

With your transformation, you change not only yourself but also the world around you, creating a better future. Your transformation makes the world more beautiful.

Villa LaMaison

Located in the heart of beautiful Istria, LaMaison is a luxurious and authentic villa situated in the medieval village of Sveti Petar u Šumi. The retreat allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Surrounded by stunning Istrian landscapes, the villa provides the perfect setting for relaxation and connecting with nature. Spacious gardens offer peace and tranquility, while a refreshing pool is available for you to swim and unwind.

Chef Tea Gobo: Master of taste

Our talented chef Tea Gobo, prepared with love delicious vegetarian and vegan meals that will to serve during the retreat.

With rich culinary experience from New York, Tea is a true gourmet chef whose creations delight your palate. Get ready to explore the tastes and smells of Istria through her creative and nutritious creations.

Your nutrition during the retreat it will be simply delicious and it will support your inner welfare.

What to expect at the retreat?

With plenty of rest and relaxation, Reborn Journey Retreat offers rich content that serves your recovery, returning to yourself, your intuition, a sense of peace and contentment.

Yoga and morning meditations

Start each day with yoga and meditation to connect with your inner peace and energize yourself for the day ahead.

Meeting new people

You’ll be surrounded by inspiring individuals from different parts of the world. This opportunity to make new friends and build lasting connections will enrich your experience.

Discovering Istria's treasures

Istria is a region rich in cultural and natural treasures. During the retreat, you’ll have the chance to uncover the hidden beauty of this area, including its enchanting landscapes, traditional cuisine, and local culture.

Individual treatments

Experience individual treatments that will help you release worries, stress, restlessness, anger, and dissatisfaction at a deep, subconscious level. This will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready for deeper self-connection and connection with others.

Cacao ceremony

Open your heart and connect with profound emotional experiences through a cacao ceremony. This ancient ceremony harnesses the power of cacao to foster self-love and love for others, opening the doors of your heart and enabling deeper emotional connection.

Crystal singing bowl therapy

Surrender to the relaxing therapy of crystal singing bowls, which will deeply relax you and prepare you for a peaceful sleep. The sound of crystal bowls purifies your energy and promotes deep inner peace.

Workshops for inspiration and creativity

Our retreat offers a variety of workshops designed to inspire creativity.

Free time

In addition to structured activities, you’ll have time for introspection, journaling, or simply enjoying the silence.

The host

My name is Lea Gobo, a feng shui and wellness expert, and I’m delighted to invite you on a unique journey to inner inspiration and personal growth through my retreats. Not only will you find inner peace, but you will also learn how to nurture your inner home. It’s a space where your soul feels most comfortable, where love and harmony become your everyday reality.

Lea Gobo

Why Sign Up

At our retreat, we believe in your unique path of personal growth. That’s why we’ve designed a program that can be customized to your individual needs and interests, as well as the needs of the group. This means you have the opportunity to choose workshops and activities that best align with your current stage on the journey toward inner transformation. We aim to provide you with an experience that you’ll carry with you as inspiration and support on your unique life path.

*Whether you want to try horseback riding, explore local restaurants with excellent cuisine, indulge in massages and cupping therapy, experience a gong bath, or customize your diet to be lactose or gluten-free, we are ready to tailor the retreat program to ensure that your experience is completely personalized and meets your individual needs.