May, 2023

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7 days


Retreat for your Body & Mind


In the spring of 2023, we offered a unique experience in the enchanting Istria, where participants found balance, ease, and peace.

With deep relaxation for the body, soul, and spirit, we indulged in sound baths, yoga sessions, treatments, light food, and relaxing rituals.

Our retreat allowed everyone to listen to their inner compass and return to the ease and joy of living.

Villa Green Frame

Villa Green Frame supports rest and regeneration with inspiring, creative, and fresh energy, comfort, harmonious decoration, and a wonderful ambiance.

There you will always find a quiet space just for yourself, to rest and immerse yourself in meditation, supported by a pure and powerful energy. A sauna and a jacuzzi are also at your disposal.

The beautiful paintings of the renowned artist Mirna Šušul with bright colors inspire, energize and encourage optimism, creativity, and joy in life.

Magic land

Magical Istria, a land of strong energy and vibration, is an ideal place for retreat.

Peaceful and strong, Istria offers us magical landscapes, delicious local food, and relaxing landscapes where nature, towns, and villages harmoniously blend and complement each other.

The sea and rivers, forests and hills, medieval towns, olive groves, and vineyards charge our batteries, providing us with everything we need to rest the soul, body, emotions, and mind.

Delicious locally grown food

A private chef will prepare vegan and vegetarian delicacies. Carefully selected foods will support your recovery and detoxification.


Alongside a lot of time to rest and relax, the Full Of Light Retreat offers many activities that serve your recovery, and help you return to yourself, hear your intuition, and regain a sense of peace, and contentment.

Mind Retreat treatment

Replace the unconscious programs that burden and hold you back with productive programs that serve and support you to live the life you want.

You will release emotional knots, tension, and heaviness, and experience lightness, the joy of life, and profound peace. Sound baths, yoga, meditation and healthy food will support this process.


We will exercise every morning to stretch our bodies, get our blood flowing and stimulate a harmonious flow of energy through all our tissues.

While the body exercises, the soul will absorb the beauty of the environment, nature, and energy of this magical place.

Sound baths - meditation with crystal bowls

The wonderful sound of the bowls and strong vibrations affect our entire being - they massage the cells, relax the mind and calm the emotions. Deeply relaxed and calm, we can hear the voice of our intuition and get in touch with ourselves.

When fully relaxed, the body comes out of fight-and-flight mode and can enter its recovery and healing state. A mini-cocoa ceremony will also contribute to this. The Aztecs called cacao "the blood of the heart" - because the rich taste of cacao and its beneficial effect on our body brings us back to ourselves, opens the heart, and helps us immerse into a state of connection and presence.


The retreat will be enriched by surprise guests who will lead an interesting bereginja dance workshop.

The host

My name is Lea Gobo, a feng shui and wellness expert, and I’m delighted to invite you on a unique journey to inner inspiration and personal growth through my retreats. Not only will you find inner peace, but you will also learn how to nurture your inner home. It’s a space where your soul feels most comfortable, where love and harmony become your everyday reality.

Lea Gobo