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Lea Gobo

Wellness and feng shui consultant

My mission is to help you restore peace and ease of living and create a space in and around you that supports love, harmony, and contentment.


I have always had a deep interest in spirituality, inner harmony, and the power of nature to ground us and give us deep calmness. Since I was a kid, nature was my inspiration and I enjoyed deep silence and peace. Even when I lost my true self, my connection with nature and interest in spirituality, inner peace, and balance hasn’t disappeared.

At the age of fourteen, I decided to start a career I thought was perfect for me – modeling. I traveled a lot and met various people, cities, and cultures, but the strenuous rhythm of work led me to severe burnout. Exhaustion and constant exertion created painful nerve inflammation in my back. The recovery lasted almost a year.

I was looking for a way to return to health, ease, and peace. I remembered my love and interest in nature, harmony, and spirituality. To recover, I tried various methods of personal growth and recovery. Theta healing helped me to recover and opened me for further spiritual, emotional, and physical transformation. After Theta Healing education, I continued learning about wellness and well-being.

I discovered the ancient wisdom of feng shui – through my travels and sharing space with different people, I realized how much spaces impact our well-being, mental state, and relationships.

Well-being begins with improving the flow of energy in spaces around us and continues with cleaning and energetic alignment within us – and vice versa.

I accepted the inner call and dedicated myself to helping people recover from fatigue, stress, burnout, and confusion, and rediscovering their peace, ease, and joy by working on their inner and outer homes.

Playing crystal bowls is a big inspiration for me. Sound baths deeply relax and stop the noise of rushing thoughts, relieve tension, and release negative energies.

I am interested in ancient skills and modern insights about well-being that provide people with spiritual, emotional, and physical refuge from the restlessness of the world around us. I read, learn and acquire new knowledge inspiring me in my personal growth and giving me new methods to help others.

The first step of recovery is accepting that we need help. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past – what matters is that we always have a chance to be better toward ourselves and others.

Do you want to embark on the path of ease, harmony, and peace? I would be happy to help you on your way.

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With love, Lea