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Feng Shui for Your Summer Vacation – Enhancing Hotels, Apartments, and Cottages for an Even Better Retreat

Have you ever felt uneasy in an apartment or hotel room? After planning your trip for so long, hoping to recharge your batteries, did you end up feeling exhausted, anxious, or dissatisfied? Perhaps you found it uncomfortable to fall asleep or the space simply didn't support relaxation.

Have you ever felt uneasy in an apartment or hotel room? After planning your trip for so long, hoping to recharge your batteries, did you end up feeling exhausted, anxious, or dissatisfied? Perhaps you found it uncomfortable to fall asleep or the space simply didn’t support relaxation.

Many rental spaces are decorated without much thought and can evoke unpleasant emotions due to inappropriate colors, poor layout, and peculiar or unsuitable picture motifs.

If you find yourself in such a hotel room or apartment, can you somehow help yourself and create a more favorable qi energy with simple interventions?

You can – Feng Shui, through thousands of years of experience, has developed a range of wonderful practices that we can use to maximize our enjoyment of vacation by improving the energy of the space and our inner state.

First Step – Set an Intention for Your Vacation and Choose an Apartment with Awareness of Your Needs and Desires.

While hurriedly and semi-consciously choosing our apartment, we may not be aware of what we are looking for, leading to a wrong selection, driven by stress and being out of touch with ourselves.

In everything, including choosing a vacation space, it is important to pause, quiet the noise and hectic nature of everyday life, reconnect with ourselves, feel our longings and needs, and set a conscious intention.

Visualize your vacation and the feeling you want to experience.

Do you need relaxation? Meditative peace or the excitement of discovering new places, customs, and flavors? Are you focused on lots of movement and sports, the joy of cooking, reading, or getting a good night’s sleep? Tune in to your soul and become aware of what you truly need.

Then set the intention to achieve that goal with ease and enjoyment.

Conscious intention guides our conscious and unconscious decisions and behaviors, leading us to where we want to go. Always start planning your vacation by setting a clear intention.

Avoid Spaces with Poor Qi Energy for Your Summer Vacation

Take a close look at the pictures – avoid spaces with poor qi energy.

Photos of apartments or hotel rooms on the Internet may be interesting, beautiful, or even attractive, but that doesn’t mean the space is comfortable, and its Feng Shui is good.

Pay attention to some typical decorating mistakes that can disrupt the free flow and balance of energy in the space.

  1. Avoid apartments with an excess of one element, such as fire – red or orange walls, sharp objects, and furniture shapes are not good as they can introduce tension and unrest.
  2. Metal beds and metal objects near the headboard drain our qi energy. It is much better to choose a space where we will sleep on a wooden bed and have a wooden nightstand.
  3. The bed’s headboard should face the door – it’s not good to have the door behind you. This creates a sense of insecurity and unrest, especially in an unfamiliar space.
  4. Avoid a mirror in the bedroom because it duplicates images and energy in the space, creating energetic chaos and preventing quality sleep. It’s especially bad if the mirror is opposite the bed.
  5. Intuitively, you probably already choose airy and bright spaces decorated harmoniously and with subtle colors – dark rooms, chaotic furniture, and overly bold colors are not spaces where people feel good.

What Can We Do When Already in an Apartment or Hotel Room?

Every new space needs to be adapted to oneself, improve the qi energy, and allow our system to calm down, feel safe, and at home.

The first thing to check is cleanliness – is the space clean and well-ventilated? If not, clean it, ventilate it, and let in the sun. Dust, dirt, or other people’s old things carry stale energy that we need to get rid of to fill the space with clean and fresh qi energy.

Then choose a corner of the apartment where you feel safe, arrange it to your liking, and turn it into your base – a safe place where you can rest, read, or relax.

In a new space, we are always a bit lost – but if we “anchor” and tame one corner for ourselves, it will be easier. From this place, we will draw a sense of peace and protection.

Scents in the space are crucial and serve to purify the energy of the space. It is very good to burn palo santo or sage. These will cleanse the space of all lingering energies.

On my travels, I always carry essential oils such as lavender, sage, or helichrysum hydrosol. Essential oils create a pleasant atmosphere in the space, calm us, balance energy, and also provide us with something familiar, a scent our body recognizes as home, allowing it to relax and feel safe.

Bring in flowers, crystals, or other natural elements. Their fresh qi energy will fill the space and improve your mood and energy state.

You can bring crystals that intuitively suit you or take a quartz crystal for energy cleansing, amethyst for a good night’s sleep, or rose quartz for love.

In summary – adapt the space to yourself and enrich it with enjoyment for all senses. Always take care of the energy of the space and yourself with tenderness and attention.

And What About Cottages?

When traveling, you can take these few simple steps, and it will already be easier for you to relax and recharge your batteries for a vacation and relaxation.

If you have your cottage, by aligning the decoration with the principles of Feng Shui, you can give yourself even more rest, positive feelings, and comfort in your space.

The right colors, a good balance of elements, and the arrangement of furniture and decorations work wonders for every space and its qi energy. And that is especially important for a place where you rest and recover from everyday life.

For additional information on applying Feng Shui in your home, as well as personalized tips and guidance, visit my social media. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook at “Lea Gobo Feng Shui & Healing” to learn more about creating a harmonious and inspiring environment in your home. I look forward to sharing knowledge with you and providing support in creating a space that brings you joy and fulfillment.

With love,

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