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Feng Shui in Children’s Rooms: Creating a Harmonious Space for Happiness and Development

Every parent wants their child to grow up happy, healthy, joyful, and content. We pay attention to their food, carefully choose activities, and happily take them to beautiful play areas.

Every parent wants their child to grow up happy, healthy, joyful, and content. We pay attention to their food, carefully choose activities, and happily take them to beautiful play areas. But we must not forget the child’s room – the space where the child spends a lot of time.

Decorating a child’s room not only affects the child’s current state but also contributes to the child’s development, creating an image of what the world is like – beautiful, ugly, safe, or unsafe.

Feng Shui Decoration of Children’s Rooms

The environment strongly influences mood, and the arrangement of furniture, colors, and shapes in a space affects the qi energy in the area. A well-decorated and orderly space helps schoolchildren concentrate, and a beautiful ambiance creates a sense of peace and security, making it easier for children to fall asleep and sleep better.

A child needs the support of space, and a sense of security is especially important. Therefore, choose a wooden bed with a headboard that supports and protects the child, and for furniture, bedding, and decorations, choose comfortable natural materials whenever possible.

Sharp edges are not good for children – besides the risk of injury, sharp edges negatively affect the qi energy of the child’s room. So choose furniture and decorations with rounded edges that create a flowing and soft energy, further contributing to a sense of tranquility and satisfaction.

Colors of Peace and Tranquility for the Child’s Room According to Feng Shui

A child sleeps, rests, plays, and learns in their room – so it is important to create an environment of peace and balance with colors and decorations, so the child is not agitated and restless.

The best colors for a child’s room are a combination of lavender or pastel tones and white. It is also good to add inspiring and positive motifs that instill a sense of security and beauty – pictures of happy family moments, beautiful artistic pictures of children’s motifs, quality wooden toys, and other natural materials.

Ensure that there is no clutter under the bed to avoid blocking the flow of energy. The child’s room should be free of excess to allow the child to concentrate on one thing, thus nurturing their attention and ability to focus. Too much of everything distracts attention and prevents peaceful and calm play.

Allow empty space on the shelves that encourages the flow of qi energy and creates a sense of spaciousness and freedom in the child.

Regularly clean the room of excess, broken toys, items the child has outgrown, or things that no longer bring pleasure to keep the space open for growth, new experiences, and fresh qi energy.

Lighting in the Child’s Room According to Feng Shui

It is good to place the child’s room on the east or southeast side to allow as much sunlight as possible through the windows, bringing in fresh qi energy. The sun nurtures the child’s mood and well-being, brings joy and optimism, and we also know that vitamin D is essential for healthy growth and immunity.

So, open the curtains and windows whenever possible.

Feng Shui teaches us that the east and southeast are in line with the wood element, a symbol of growth and development. Therefore, it is good for children to be exposed to this side of the world – to grow healthy, joyful, and full of life energy with the support of the wood element.

Artificial light shapes the atmosphere of the room – it can create a gentle and nurturing atmosphere but can also create nervousness and restlessness. Therefore, it is very important to choose lamps that provide pleasant and warm light and can adjust the brightness level. Powerful spotlights, large chandeliers, or glaring bulbs are not suitable for a child’s room.

A child’s room that is decorated and maintained with love and care will help the child feel safe, protected, loved, and peaceful.

So, dedicate time to the child’s room – what surrounds them also shapes their inner world.

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